photo (13)I was the “skinny kid” in high school, I wasn’t happy with my body and it wasn’t a true reflection of who I was. I was frustrated, BUT I NEEDED to make a change. 15 years later I never thought i’d be where I am today.

I turned my passion into my career. I wanted to give back the same sense of accomplishment, confidence, and LIFE-CHANGING results to others as I had done with myself. This is why I created the FitFor12 Fat-Loss Program, the 100% HOME based, BODYWEIGHT workout with ZERO EQUIPMENT necessary. I specifically designed this program with today’s hectic lifestyle in mind. And yes, it IS possible to have the body you want and still maintain your professional, social, and family life!

My FitFor12 Program is the result of 15 years of SCIENCE BASED practice and application with REAL clients. They are for REAL people, with REAL lifestyles that need to lose REAL weight. No tricks, just results. My techniques are based on a simple and consistent practice of Nutrition>Regeneration>Movement = TRANSFORMATION

  • You eat better you recover better
  • You recover better you regenerate better
  • You regenerate better you feel better
  • You feel better you move better
  • You move better you LOOK BETTER


Q: What does Kurt know about weight-loss and how can he help ME?

A: Throughout my education and experience, I have developed a MASSIVE tool box to help almost anyone achieve their goals, and in the end of the day, goals are universely reached by adherence, consistency, accountability, and motivation – no matter if the goal is weight loss or muscle gain. Trust me, I did not just “stumble” across my results or the results of countless clients by accident! You will also be part of an exclusive group, just like you, to keep you on track. I’m here to walk you though the process!

Q: Do I need fancy equipment or a gym membership?

A: NO! The beauty of a weight loss program is that it is MOVEMENT based, and trust me, I can challenge your body and push it to the next level using our best friend gravity!

Q: I’ve tried workout videos before and they didn’t work, what makes your program different?

A: Getting fit is a 4-part system. Odds are the programs you’ve tried in the past covered only 1 or 2. #1 is REGENERATION – I will teach you simple habits to implement into your daily life which directly impact your ability to recover and perform. #2 is NUTRITION – I take out the guesswork. If you like counting calories, great! I will tell you exactly how much YOU need to eat. If you don’t, cool! You will learn the “rules” of eating for your lifestyle. Either way I provide a mealplan to TEACH you good eating habits. #3 is MOVEMENT – Each week you will receive a new workout, along with the video demo of each exercise (and occasionally a little pep-talk!). #4 is the most important and why most people fail – Someone who will hold you ACCOUNTABLE. Odds are you’ve purchased a video or program with full intentions of completing it… BUT 2 weeks in you’re already discouraged and searching for the next best thing. This is why even the best athletes have coaches. Someone to hold them to their plan and keep them focused!

Q: How is Online Coaching better than hiring a Personal Trainer?

A: After spending THOUSANDS of hours as a personal trainer, i’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. I’m going to be straight forward with you, there is no trainer on this PLANET that can give you the life-changing results you DESERVE in 1-2 hours per week – but these sales-hungry gyms put so much pressure on their trainers that they will tell you anything you want to hear. I urge you to find ONE person who has made significant progress while training 1-2 hours per week… you will never find them. To get the results you REALLY want with a personal trainer, you need to train at least 4x per week or more, no exceptions. The time committment of scheduling, traveling to/from, not to mention spending THOUSANDS on endless training packages – as you can see, a very small % of people are lucky enough to have ALL of those resources. Meanwhile the trainer is seeing hours upon hours of clients daily just to make ends meet, so are you REALLY getting their best performance? Personal training is 1 dimentional. You see them for your exercise 3-4 hour per week and that’s it. A Coach TEACHES you habits that will last a lifetime. A Coach TRANSFORMS your mentality. A Coach GUIDES you through the ups and downs that all of us go through in our fitness journey. A Coach is 24/7, and the results last a lifetime.

Q: I’m in HORRIBLE shape, is this program for me?

A: YES! I designed this program specifically with multiple skill levels in mind. It is progressive and scalable. Just fill out the application below and I will see if you are a good fit for my program!

Fill out my online form.

Still unsure? Keep reading below to see some testimonials from some of my AMAZING clients!

IMG_0217Kurt is an incredible personal trainer. Not only will he whip you into shape, but he keeps each session interesting and fun with new exercises or an entire workout I would have never thought of. Along with his immense knowledge of all things body, fitness, and health, a few of the qualities I love most about Kurt are his professionalism, encouragement, and genuine care for his clients, I have noticed such a difference in my strength, flexibility and energy since training with Kurt. Whether you are a new Mom, an athlete, a busy professional, or someone who has never stepped foot in a gym before, I would highly recommend Kurt to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals!!

Chelsea Cordner – Estate Manager and Single Mom

photoI never thought when I started training with Kurt that I would get the results I did. I was nervous, embarrassed and uncomfortable to be in a gym looking and feeling the way I did about myself. Kurt was there for me from day one to support me and push me past what I thought I was capable of. I look forward to the days I train with Kurt because I know I am going to get the best workout and have fun. When I train with Kurt I feel like there is nothing I can’t do. I have never had a trainer before that I felt actually cared how I was doing and wanted me to achieve my goals as much as I did. I would not be where I am today without Kurt as my trainer, he has forever changed my life.

Riley Peleuses – Student

FullSizeRenderKurt is one of my favorite trainers ever! His knowledge, passion for training and professionalism is unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend Kurt to all of my friends!

Kuen Rameson – Founder and Creative Director of Gloss Moderne

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKNAAAAJDE0NDMwOTRhLTljOWItNGJkZi1iMjk1LTU4OGQ0MDEyYzAxZQFor anyone serious about changing their body and living with the benefits of doing so, I strongly recommend working with Kurt Weber. As a 54 year old business professional, who trains regularly, Kurt has diligently designed, implemented and coordinated a training program specifically along my needs. He’s acutely aware of my physical limitations due to earlier injuries, and has helped my body progress to a different level. His education, experience, and attitude has made him one of the best trainers I’ve had the opportunity to work with!

Andrew Moore – Managing Partner Mass Mutual